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First trials tire ever used

Emery in TX – Machine this part was bought for: 2002 KTM 520 SX 4 Stroke

Comments On Dec 30, 2013:Riding in central Texas on land suitable for goats and rattlesnakes. Tire has performed flawlessly on the limestone base and feels like cheating on the stair step shelves. I run 8psi and haven't had any issues. Not the greatest tire when getting into the black soil or mud but wasn't expecting an all around tire either. Will definitely purchase again...great performance for the price.

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Not for the street!

Patrick in CA – Machine this part was bought for: 2003 HONDA XR400R

Comments On Dec 14, 2013:Great traction in sand & rocks at 8psi. Scary on the pavement at any speed regardless of how much air pressure is run. I was surprised these are DOT rated for highway use. Sidewalls felt non existent and made my bike feel mushy and as if the tire was going to roll over or wash out when cornering on asphalt at any speed over 10mph.

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Not for street use

CHRIS in CA – Machine this part was bought for: 2003 KTM 450 EXC 4-Stroke

Comments On Dec 02, 2013:The 19" tire works OK in the dirt (~10psi) but is not stable on the street even though it it DOT rated. I even raised the pressure to 32psi for street use and it still was to soft. Feels like tire is flat....not recommended.

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19" trials test

Robert in Oklahoma – Machine this part was bought for: 2005 YAMAHA YZ250

Comments On Oct 25, 2013:I got this tire to test if i really wanted to try a more expensive trials tire. first off i realized across the board the traction was great. not quite as good on the durability aspect but for half the price your really cant complain. it rides almost exactly like a dunlop or michelin except i think it may be softer, which helped in sand and mud.

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good tire just takes some getting uses too

brock in UT

Comments On Sep 11, 2013:I have had this tire on my cr500 for about six pretty long rides, that have involved all sorts of terrain. this tire grips better than any other tire out their. you just have to ride it the right way with low pressure and have to be careful to not spin it. on fast roads it just takes some getting used to. it relay hasn't shone to much wear yet knobs just a little rounded. i'm also running the 19in.

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Tire split after 3 rides

Reece in UT – Machine this part was bought for: 1991 YAMAHA WR250

Comments On Aug 13, 2013:This tire split horizontally between the treads in about 6 places on my third ride. I do not recommend buying it.

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good on moist soils & roots only

TOM in WA – Machine this part was bought for: 2002 HONDA CR250R

Comments On Apr 27, 2013:This tire instills confidence. Overall less deflection over bumps and excellent traction everywhere except greasy mud. If you agree with the concept of tread lightly then this tire is for you. Friend of mine on a KTM 250XCWF (designed for trail riding) tore up switchbacks with his knobby whereas I could just motor around them calmly with sure traction and clutch modulation while not rototilling the trail's tread unlike a knobby. Performance wise this tire is unique with a rounded trials surface vice the squared off surface found on every other brand. The treads are a gooey rubbery compound that forms to the terrain. I used my usual low pressure (6-7 psi) approach and a UHD rear tube but found the rear end to fishtail and wallow around due to overall soft rubber. Bumped it up to 14 psi and it was excellent. No sliding around, no wallow, better hook up, no spinning, etc. Along with all this you do not need to lace up a 18" wheel which saves you at least $250 in parts. Tread life is good too - knobs do not round off immediately unlike a knobby. I have had a 18" rear trials on a different bike and this 19" really is no compromise.

Additional Comments On Aug 05, 2013:Do not use this on mountain hill climbs with loose shale and basalt rocks. The tire surface will only spin and cause excessive wear to trail and tire. Worst summer mtn trail tire I've used. Works good during the winter in lower elevations however. Very seasonal tire. Previous review was based on winter performance only.

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so far so good

Lana'i in Hawaii – Machine this part was bought for: 2008 YAMAHA YZ250

Comments On Jul 02, 2013:just put on my new tire today. went for a spin right after through the deer trails in the woods near my home. felt a little loose at first. went up some short hill climbs and tested the downhill breaking on it and so far so good. I actually love this tire as it matches the terrain I ride very well. it's my first trials tire and i'm amazed it actually hooks up pretty good. now just have to try it on the more technical hill climbs and trails this weekend. i'll see if it'll last awhile and if it holds up, i'll probably stick to this tire. can,t beat the price and performance it gives.

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not good for dirt roads

LEE in CA – Machine this part was bought for: 2006 HONDA CRF450X

Comments On May 20, 2013:This tire has to soft of a sidewall to ride dirt roads or street. I had to put 25lbs in it to get through the day and it still rolled over in turns. Do not buy this for trail riding. I did like the Michelin for trail riding. I have not tried any other brands

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Fell apart in 250 miles


Comments On Apr 15, 2012:Heard the hype about trials tires but I have previously been out of luck with my need for a 19" DOT tire. I was very excited to try these out. Installed this tire on my XR400 using a Tubeliss system running 22psi onroad and 16 off. The grip is amazing but after EXACTLY 225 miles of road and 25 miles of fire road it wouldn't hold air anymore - there were cracks in several of the knobs where they met the body of the tire. Didn't throw any knobs but the cracks went all the way through.

Additional Comments On Apr 17, 2012:As expected RMATV came to the rescue. Love this site...

Additional Comments On Apr 05, 2013:Finally got an 18" wheel and ran a Pirelli MT-43 that all the dual sport guys out in SoCal run. 2000 miles later its getting close to needing replacement. Trials tires are awesome in all terrain except really gooey wet clay and wet logs. You'll have to adjust your riding style a bit because the extra traction and sidewall roll makes those first few corners feel a bit weird. Also you have less traction on slippery downhills so the rear will lock up a bit easier. For deep sand, take it easy on the clutch when starting out or it'll spin a lot more than a knobby. Once you're moving, sand is a cinch since the tire floats on top a lot better than a knob.

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tire works well

Patrick in WA – Machine this part was bought for: 2005 YAMAHA YZ250

Comments On Mar 03, 2013:my KTM friends kept bugging me to get a trials tire for my YZ. i told them no way it, would look stupid. well, it does look stupid but let me tell ya, that SHINKO tire hooks up on the nasty roots and rocks of western wa. the knobby i ran bounced off stuff but the trials tire doesn't and provides amazing traction where i didn't think it would get. i will buy another......i don't need a KTM to keep up with them anymore and the REKLUSE is another way to get even. worth every penny

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Best CRF250 tire out there

Mike in CA

Comments On Jun 11, 2012:Glad to finally have a 19" trials option. Faster in the woods, faster on the track. Little 250 rails now with this rear. Anybody with a 2005 CR250F should put one on. Improved my Cal City lap times by a full second. They must by illegal in AMA or Baggett, Bam Bam and Hotsauce would be running them. If you drive a log truck and have too many bikes this is your tire for sure.

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Slow and steady.

Justin in PA

Comments On Jun 25, 2011:I ran this on a 09 TE450 Husky. Tire grips very,very well but was so soft chunking was a concern on almost all hard terrains. If you ride slow,rocky and technical terrain I'd try one,but if your a full bore fireroad, sand/coal dirt guy I'd pass. I got a flat with mine on a gravel road,after riding the nasty stuff go figure. Also run with a Ultra HD tube at around 10-12psi tire is soft enuff not to have to run 8psi.

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