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Totally Dissatisfied!

Josh in WA

Comments On Dec 05, 2011:I AM TOTALLY DISSATISFIED!
I WISH I COULD RETURN THIS THING - but, I had to wear it to find out how poorly it fits and performs. There weren't many reviews available, but I decided to try it anyway, hoping EVS would be good to me again. Unfortunately, I wore this yesterday and my list of complaints is long, and practically warrants a letter to EVS. After 20+ years of riding, I've had several brands of chest protectors, and I only needed a new one to work better with my Leatt Brace. I have several other EVS products, which let me to buy this protector over the Leatt Brand chest protector.
1. I bought a Size Large. Overall, it's Very, Very SMALL in coverage and fit. The straps around your biceps are tiny! I'm 5'10", 165 lbs., have pretty small biceps, and these are tight, with NO adjustability to make looser. I read that problem elsewhere, and I can confirm it.
2. Also, the bicep protectors are held onto the shoulder protectors with tiny straps that loop thru the shoulder cover, held on by an even tinier piece of velcro. They come right off!
3. Part of the sales pitch of this product is totally adjustability- NOT TRUE. The tight bicep straps are not adjustable; the waist (sides) straps are not adjustable either.
4. The shoulder protectors are also Tiny and soft (flexible). They BARELY cover the tops of your shoulders- Forget about any frontal shoulder protection (which I could've used yesterday)! Also, the entire protector is thin, soft, and Very Flexible. Even worse, every part (shoulders, back, front), is so small, it hardly offers any coverage and consequently, Protection.
5. The front and back panels are very short and very narrow. Because of that, the side buckle straps are between your sternum and bottom of your ribs. Way too high, in my opinion.
6. Price. I feel totally ripped off for a thin, flexible, small, tight, "roost protector". It's definitely not a "chest protector". It lacks substantial plastic strength and coverage to protect your body in a crash.
The EVS F2 might work for, and fit, a 5' 8", 120 lb. motocross rider, who just needs to block a little roost (yet, I'm not recommending it), but for an off-road rider who battles sticks, stumps, rocks, and other nasties, this is not going to make you feel protected.

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Tony in VIC

Comments On Sep 06, 2011:This is a really compact protector that offers great proctection. It is very slim and individual parts can be removed to allow a neckbrace or to fit better. fantastic product

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Comments On Aug 11, 2011:Has a nice fit without the neck brace. After removing front plate it doesnt fit with the alpinestar bionec neck brace. Returning it to find something that works with my neck brace.

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