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great hand guards

cody in PA

Comments On Aug 18, 2014:haven' been able to go ride and test these out yet but they seem very strong and durable. This is the only hand guards i will buy now. Will recommend to others looking for a quality hand guard

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Simply the Best

Kenneth in UT

Comments On May 11, 2014:These are the most used hand guards in Supermoto for a reason, They are the toughest. They have protected my bike extreme well in hard asphalt crashes with cheap and easy to replace plastics and sliders, unlike my previous pair of acerbis rally pros.

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Good Guards - recommend


Comments On Jan 14, 2014:We have these bars on 2 Honda CRF150R's - they fit fine with the spacer adaptors provided. replacement parts available separately - thats nice.

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Nicest Hand Gaurds I have used.

David in WA

Comments On Dec 28, 2013:These CRM Cycra hand gaurds are the best I have used, and I have used many of the other brands out their. They mount very solid and look great.

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Bar upgrade

George in CA

Comments On Nov 08, 2013:What can you say about cycra, Big, badder, better.!

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DUH ??


Comments On Apr 15, 2012:Bought these for my wifes 09 550 grizzly to replace the cheap Kolpins that broke. This design is far superior. I can not get them to fit.

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Tuff as nails


Comments On Feb 20, 2012:I've had several brands, these by far the most durable and they also look really sweet

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Great guards!!!

Cordell in OH

Comments On Dec 25, 2011:I have put these on every Quad and Bike I have owned since I found out about them a few years ago. They withstand any impact you can throw at them as far as trees, rocks and flips down a hill. They are amazing and well worth the money.

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Cycra Handguards are the best


Comments On Aug 22, 2011:They fit great, look great, and as an added advantage over handguards with molded on plastic, you can easily and cheaply replace the hand shields to change the look or freshen up the guards. These are the only handguards I'll use for woods or desert.

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CYCRA Hangaurds

Larry in CA

Comments On Oct 19, 2010:These are simply the best out there by far dont waste your money on others!

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Jerome in TX

Comments On Mar 18, 2010:I purchased a second set of Cycra guards for my second bike, (the first set was mounted to a CR250, the second I recently tried to mount on a CRF 450)....
The old design was GREAT! To be clear, I am reviewing the CRM model, which looking at RC's website, it looks like the old, (short), design is no longer available???
The new design of the CRM model places the inside guard mount very near, (essentially right up against), the handlebar mount, (verses the older design where the inside guard mount was placed midway between the controls and the handlebar mount). Let me tell you the FLAWS!
1.) The guard mounts have to fit between the top of the fork tube and the handlebar itself. To get the mount to fit, I had to lower my forks about a quarter inch on each side. Unexpected surprise #1.
2.) Along with having to make room for the mount to fit between the bar and the forks, I also noticed that the mount was about the exact width as the space between the upper bridge of the fork structure, (the part that looks like you can grab onto it with a crescent wrench), so the mount would continually ride against this structure unless I dropped the forks another quarter inch, NOT. I was not going to succumb to surprise #2. 3.) The CRM model obstructs the fork bleed valve since the mount is located just to the inside of the bleeder valve and extends up and out, right over the valve, so either: a) forget about bleeding your forks again, (which you should do after every ride) or b:) purchase button release bleed valves for an added $50. Surprise #3. 4.) The primary aluminum frame paralleling the bars goes OVER the cables/brake line, (actually touching them, whereas the old design went under the cable/brake line). Terrible design with the CRM model since the cables/brake lines need to be free to extend upward upon compression of the front forks, (where else are the cables going to go but up - great thing you CRM owners have a cable and brake line STOP mounted in the middle of your line/cable - I wonder how many blows your lines will take before, lets say, rupturing your hydraulic line?). Surprise #4 - and no more! 5.) Additionally, the length of the guard would require me to replace the existing number plate that I have. My CRF450 number plate has a plastic extension that wraps around the handlebar pad on one side. The CRM design places the guard bar in the same location as the plastic.
The quality of the product is great. The engineering and design is 3rd grade! I love this sport and it frustrates me to no end to have a quality company like Cycra turn out such poor design, (I hope they read this!). Ive never returned a product to Rocky Mountain before this, but this CRM design is a leap backwards in design from their earlier model that mounts midway on the bar! I wasted 2 hours of my life trying to accommodate these guards. Dont do the same.
Save yourself the frustration, and dont buy the CRM model

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awsome, the best.... if you dnt cut your bars down

kevin in AR

Comments On Feb 04, 2010:I have a set of these on my ktm and they are the very best hand gaurds i have ever used. Super strong, plenty of clearence for cables and levers, and do not roll up or down when you crash as bad as many others. One prblm tho, If you cut your bars much these will not fit. So if you dnt like wide bars i wouldnt recomend.

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