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Angel GT

Thomas in MN

Comments On Jul 07, 2014:I put this tire on my 1992 Kawasaki Zephyr and right away noticed how great this tire performs. I recommend this tire as the performance is awesome.

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"They Best the Competition"

Tyson in CA – Machine this part was bought for: 2006 HONDA ST1300 (Standard)

Comments On Sep 13, 2013:I ride a 730+ pound motorcycle to the limit. I have no chicken strips and have thoroughly ground down pegs - even when hanging off. These tires are the best tires out right now for the Sport Touring segment. I would wager they are the best street tires out there for a "do all" type of tire.
I've previously ran Michelin Pilot Road 3 and Bridgestone BT023GTs. I switched over to the Bridgestones because they had better ultimate grips levels and inspired more confidence in the twisties. I also got a warm and fussy feeling since they are OEM spec tires and they carry the "GT" rated tire for my odd ball 170/60/17 rear tire size. The Michelins had better tread life but they tended to slip a little out of corners. They had more flex than I cared for and you could feel them moving around on you. I, personally, don't prefer that feeling!
I would average about 3000-3500 miles out of a rear BT023GT and on the one set of PR3s I ran I got a bit over 6500 miles.
So far, these ANGEL GT tires have proven themselves to be more surefooted than the two models mentioned. I haven't had them in the rain but I can say they are VERY sticky when warmed up. So far, they are wearing like steel with over 3,000 miles on them. They aren't cupping and exhibiting weird wear like the others did and they seem to be about 50 percent worn on the sides, which I normally wear out first.
I recently put a pair on my 2010 Kawasaki Z1000. I'll be sure to post a review for those once I put a sufficient number of miles on...

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Josh in GA – Machine this part was bought for: 2007 KAWASAKI Z1000

Comments On Aug 10, 2013:Just turned 8,000 miles on these and about to order a new set.By far the best tire Ive ever owned.Will never buy anything else.They stick like glue in the curves.Thank you Pirelli*********

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How To Make Excellent Better

Gary in Texas – Machine this part was bought for: 2002 YAMAHA FZ1

Comments On Jul 13, 2013:I had 5000 miles and no noticeable wear on my Angel ST tires when I put a spike through the rear tire and had to do an emergency plug to get home. I wasn't confident about the plug and ordered a set of Angel GT's to keep on standby. 4weeks later, with the bike on a stand, I saw a lateral (sideways) second spike that I had just picked up and it was right next to the plug already in the tire. Time for the GT's.
Well, the Angel ST's showed their endurance with over 5000 miles and no noticeable wear showing BUT that was running Yamaha recommended pressures of 36/42 cold and the performance and handling was exceptional. They loved to lean.
My new GT's have few miles on them though all the reports say they will go further and I expect to get 15,000 out of them but these have a different contour on the tread and I'm going lower in the corners and still have a chicken stripe left for safety.
My Angel ST's were stunning and changed my riding but it looks like the Angel GT's are better. I'm convinced, happy and making faster "no drama" runs through the 3 Sisters. Color me Pirelli.

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