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  • Fox Racing Dirtpaw Ladies Gloves 2015

    Fox Racing Dirtpaw Ladies Gloves 2015

    Megan in NY

    Fox racing dirtpaw gloves

    Nice snug fit with full mobility and breathable, great ridding glove :)

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  • Fox Racing 180 Ladies Jersey 2015

    Fox Racing 180 Ladies Jersey 2015

    Megan in NY

    Fox racing 180 ladies jersey

    Great lightweight and easy to maneuver in, amazing quality and great price

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  • Fox Racing 360 Flight Jersey 2014

    Fox Racing 360 Flight Jersey 2014

    DWAYNE in UT


    Birthday gift, that caused a loss for words lol

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  • Fox Racing FRI Thick Socks 2013

    Fox Racing FRI Thick Socks 2013

    Samuel in KY


    Long, thick socks...comfortable

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  • Fox Racing 180 Ladies Pants 2015

    Fox Racing 180 Ladies Pants 2015

    Kaly in Indiana

    To Help My Fellow Female Riders

    After searching for awhile for helpful reviews about the fitting of Women's Fox gear, I thought it was time that I post my recent experience to various websites to help others like myself who do not live close to a store: My measurements: Height = 5ft 5in Weight = 120lbs Bust = 32B Waist (natural) = 25.5in Jean/shorts size = 2 I have never owned a pair of Women's Fox pants, and had to by the new 2015 gear because of the awesome look. I was unsure of what size to get; the 3/4 (which, on the Fox size chart, were a little bigger than my actual measurements) or the larger 5/6. I do own a pair of Girl's 28 (not Women's) Fox pants, which I can fit completely on, but are way too tight and can't be zipped all the way up. I also own several Youth 28 pants in different brands. I based my decision on that fact, thinking that the size of the Women's pants would only increase a little by each size. I then chose to first order the 5/6 in Women's to be safe. However, I tried the 5/6 on when I got them, and believed them to be too big. I exchanged for the smaller 3/4, which were only 1in smaller in the waist and hips by looking at Fox's size chart. When I received those, much to my surprise, I could not even get them past my mid-thigh. It felt like trying to put on a pair of jeans with the zipper half-way up. In the end, I decided to re-order the 5/6 as my only option. I most likely did not tighten them as much as I could have, and they were probably stiff from being in the shipping box. They will probably look better with boots as well. If you have the same measurements as I listed, I highly suggest ordering the 5/6 or larger in this year's style.

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  • Fox Racing Black Belt Kidney Belt 2014

    Fox Racing Black Belt Kidney Belt 2014

    Jonathan in IN


    Suffer degenerative disk disease. I only rode home with it once after receiving it at work today. I dreaded the concrete expansion seams and used to bop over from the middle of the lane to the side where car tires hit. Today I hit them head on in the middle, and there are some nasty ones, and hit some man hole covers and no pain. For the first time, I was able to sit all the way home and not get into jump position for a bump. If you suffer any sort of back pain, I highly recommend this. I can't wait to hit the trails now. I wear 34 and 36 pants, and its a good fit. It felt like it wasn't tight enough, but it did the trick. That's good for comfort. I expected it to feel like a weight lifting belt. You will forget it's there, along with your back problems.

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