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  • ITP Holeshot ATV Tire

    ITP Holeshot ATV Tire

    GERALD in CA

    Great tire, great price!!

    Cant go wrong with this tire. Great combination of hook up and sliding! I have had these tires for a year and they are very durable!!

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  • ITP Holeshot HD ATV Tire

    ITP Holeshot HD ATV Tire

    chris in California

    tough tire but out of balance

    one of the fronts has a very bad wobble at high speeds. the tread is not concentric with the bead. other than that they are very tough tires and have lasted a long time

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  • ITP Tapered Chrome Lug Nut

    ITP Tapered Chrome Lug Nut

    Bob R in FL

    Great fit

    These lugs nuts look great and fit great. They are easier to install due to their length.

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  • ITP Mega Mayhem ATV Tire

    ITP Mega Mayhem ATV Tire

    Bob R in FL

    Mega Mayhem Performance

    These tires were shipped mounted perfectly w/o and flaws or damage. They perform fantastic in the mud. They're a little choppy riding slow. Traction in wet sand is fantastic. The 28s fit w/o rubbing anywhere. There is still power to spare even thought the factory tires were 25s. I saved and will use the factory tires in the dry season as the machines acceleration is much better and those work fine in the summer. The Mayhems will paddle through the deep water and always find something to grab for traction. I don't believe they are as wide as advertised (11") but one has to be carful with too much tire you can break something!

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  • ITP SS212 Alloy Series Wheel

    ITP SS212 Alloy Series Wheel

    Bob R in FL

    Good looking wheels

    I received the wheels with Mega Mayhem tires mounted on them. Not a scratch or blemish anywhere. A perfect mounting job. The tires and wheels weren't balanced but ride perfectly. No wobbles here. They came here in 3 days, which I was shocked. A great product at a great price!

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  • ITP SS316 Alloy Series Wheel

    ITP SS316 Alloy Series Wheel

    Francis in MA

    Great wheels

    Great looking wheels.Can't beat the price.Shipping is always fast.Just wish Rocky Mountain had a larger selection of tires for utility atv's.

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