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  • Asterisk Cyto Cell Knee Protection System Pair

    Asterisk Cyto Cell Knee Protection System Pair

    PETER in TX

    Defective Hardware

    Someone is pinching nickels too tight at Asterisk. I order a pair of these from RM on 6/19/14. On adjusting the leg clamps, I noticed the screws that hold this critical adjustment were binding, and the fit of the provided hex key was loose. It appeared that some else had attempted to set these screws before on the right side brace, and I couldn't get a SAE or metric key (my hex keys are quality German made) to fit the screws well enough to provide the required torque to hold the adjustment. RM sent me a replacement for the right brace, as I was able to get the left side set up. The left brace hadn't been returned and re-sold as the right side had. On receiving the 2nd right side brace, I find that it has the same issue as the first-mangled/out of spec clamp hardware. Someone has spun the flat retaining nut on the back side, under the padding. This obviously occurred due to binding, and the thin plastic ribs that were supposed to capture this nut and keep it from spinning had been ground down. This might have been avoided had the previous buyer lifted the pad and pressed the nut down between the ribs, but this was not mentioned in the very poor pictures only instructions. At this point, I called RM and explained about the poor hardware. They recommended PODs. These were on backorder for a few weeks, but since it was an exchange, I agreed to wait. Fast forward to 7/23/14, when my failed attempt to clear a double log obstacle results in a torn ACL and MCL in my right knee. Would the injury have been prevented had I been wearing braces? Can't say with any certainty, but they are designed to help prevent these types of injuries. I've seen hardware issues similar to this in Ti bolts I order from China-round holes that are supposed to be hex. Not the kind of crap I expect to see on a pair of $500.00 braces. RM called my cell while I was in the waiting room for my first medical appointment to tell me the backorder time on the PODs was extended. I replied "no hurry now, I'm sitting in a wheelchair with a blown out right knee." I suggested they re-evaluate their practice of selling defective/open box safety gear that can cause delays with serious consequences, and the nice dude on the phone said he would pass it upstairs (I never heard anything back). It was my choice to ride without the braces, so ultimately I'm responsible. My point is I had a reasonable expectation of having a functioning pair of braces 3.5 weeks before the injury. Now, I'm looking at a $5000.00 medical deductible, 2 months of rehab, and 5-6 months before I can ride my moto or MTB.

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  • Asterisk Banded Undersleeves

    Asterisk Banded Undersleeves

    Christopher in MD

    Perfect fit

    Even with skinny legs, these things fit great under the Asterisk Cell knee braces. Saved the back of my legs from getting beat up by the laces I'm sure.

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  • Asterisk Cyto Cell Knee Protection System Right

    Asterisk Cyto Cell Knee Protection System Right

    Joshua in WA

    Did the job, but I'd like a brace made for women

    I ordered this brace for my first ride following a severe tibial plateau fracture because it was the only one I could find that specifically protects the TP. I'm a 5'5" woman with a 30" inseam. I ordered the small. It's really long on my leg! I didn't realize it came with the boot tether, but not the undersleeve. The included directions are Ikea style, with no words, just pictures. Once on and tethered to my boot, I could barely move my leg. Certainly not going to over rotate or hyper-extend my leg. My surgeon did say that a brace isn't going to protect against the type of fracture I got. I did feel better about returning to the bike with the brace on, but it was awkward to ride with.

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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Protection System Pair

    Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Protection System Pair

    Nathan in GA

    Great Product

    They are a bit bulky but after a few rides i dont notice. I couldnt ride without them now. no problems after a year of riding motocross.

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  • Asterisk Tri-Tele Patella Cup System - Right

    Asterisk Tri-Tele Patella Cup System - Right

    Bryan in MT

    makes the brace bulky

    Brace fits ok in my pants without it. Super tight with it. I'm thinking of returning it. All three pants were a no go due to size. Fox Thor and FXR snowmobile pants.

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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Protection System Left

    Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Protection System Left

    Nathan in GA

    takes a little time but good

    Felt a bit bulky at first but now i couldnt ride without them. Have about 15 hrs on them, nothing broken or wore out.

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