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  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Joanthan in PA

    Tons of grip, ounces of mileage!

    I've been using Pirelli Rosso Corsas on my 1125R since I bought it in 2009. The only time I've ever questioned its grip is on a 100deg day in the afternoon sessions of a trackday in Houston. This was the third session in a month on the same rear and the sides were toast. As a street tire it is faultless when it comes to grip. The mileage however is a different story. On a big Vtwin bike like the 1125R, I only get 2000 miles or so out of the rear. And on the street for commuting this just isn't ideal as the center wears well before the sides. Keep that in mind when purchasing this tire and be honest with yourself about what the tire will be used for.

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  • Pirelli Angel GT Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli Angel GT Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Thomas in MN

    Angel GT

    I put this tire on my 1992 Kawasaki Zephyr and right away noticed how great this tire performs. I recommend this tire as the performance is awesome.

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  • Pirelli Angel GT Front Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli Angel GT Front Motorcycle Tire

    Richard in QLD

    Great Tires

    Have had these on our two Hayabusa's (my 2012 and my wife's 2003)now, and they have done a lot of miles and I can push them real hard in the tight stuff, have only had a few small slides in the rear.. Will be getting another set for sure.

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  • Pirelli MT43 Trials Tire

    Pirelli MT43 Trials Tire

    Ross in Idaho

    Great Tires!

    I run MT43s front and rear on knarly mountain trails, with MH tubes and 10 psi front, 5 psi rear. Advantages of these tires: 1. Excellent traction. 2. Long wear (front 700 miles, rear 2,000 miles) 3. Stable, unlike a lot of other trials tires. 4. Front does the same thing for the front wheel as the rear, plus then the bike is balanced. 5. Sturdy carcass eliminates problem with flats (if you ride light and don't pound through rock gardens). 6. Very little trail erosion. 7. Works better overall than knobbies on: steep climbs, tracking through rocks, skatey off-camber, snow, wet rocks and tree roots, water crossings. Disadvantages: 1. Side knobs on front tend to tear off quickly. Otherwise the front tire would last longer than the rear. 2. Not as good as knobbies in slimy mud, rear braking. For responsible riding in technical and sensitive areas, this is THE tire.

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  • Pirelli Scorpion MX eXTra "X" Soft To Mid Terrain

    Pirelli Scorpion MX eXTra "X" Soft To Mid Terrain

    Joe in Massachusetts

    Worst tire ever

    I went to a local track on day after school in the pouring rain eager to try out my new tires they worked pretty fair on hooking up in the soft dirt and mud but about an hour into riding i noted my front tire slipping more and more and my rear spinning more. The knobs started to fall off i am now missing half the front tire knobs and many rear tire ones. DO NOT GET THIS UNLESS U FEEL LIKE BUYING A NEW TIRE DAILY it wears extremely quick in soft dirt nevermind how quickly it would wear in hard pack

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  • Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Rendy in AKL

    Superb grip for road and track

    The stickiest tyres I've ever tried. The amount of side grip and feedback is simply out of this world for a road tyre. Too bad it does not last long on the track. On the road, it can last around 6000kms, but on the track it won't likely last more than 2000kms. Can't wait to try SC2 compound next time.

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