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Latest Polaris Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Polaris Front Deluxe Brushguard

    Polaris Front Deluxe Brushguard

    John in NV

    Great value!

    Looks great, feels solid. Wide enough that if you roll it may save your front corners. My buddy just rolled and he cracked all the plastic in the corners (bed and fenders). Damage would have been minimal with wrap around front and rear bumpers. Looks great too!

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  • Polaris Rear Deluxe Brushguard

    Polaris Rear Deluxe Brushguard

    John in NY

    love it

    mounted easily and looks great

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  • Polaris Lock & Ride Rear Panel

    Polaris Lock & Ride Rear Panel

    shawn in KY

    Great Panel

    Very easy to install, product just as described.

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  • Polaris Light Bar Mount

    Polaris Light Bar Mount

    Joel in TX

    Simplest complicated part ever

    First of all, this part does what it needs to do, you mount it on your machine and mount the light bar to it. Seems pretty simple but it isn't. Apparently this was designed by an engineering intern on a tight deadline. The bracket is mounted with two screws and nuts. The thing is, there is no space to put a wrench or socket to hold the nut. They tried to put to tabs on each side to hold the nut but they are too far apart to hold it and too close to fit any sort of tool. I got around it by jamming a flat head screwdriver in between the tab and one of the flats on the nut. Then there is the tabs to attach the light bar, same problem here, they are placed in a way that its nearly impossible to use a tool to hold the nut. Keep in mind that your arms at this point are stretched over the roll cage holding the bar and at the same time trying to tighten this nut. In conclusion, it works but the design can use some improvement.

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  • Polaris Auxiliary Battery Kit

    Polaris Auxiliary Battery Kit

    Robert in WA

    Well thought out kit

    good instructions easy kit too install

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  • Polaris Rear View Mirror

    Polaris Rear View Mirror

    JEFF in CA

    Nice mirror

    Fits well. It brings the mirror face closer to my face than I would like. Otherwise, great product.

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