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  • Primary Drive Rear Chain Guide

    Primary Drive Rear Chain Guide

    Sam in CO

    A must for Kawasakis

    Kawasakis eat chain guides and sliders for breakfast, so replacing them because just as frequent as replacing your tires, unfortunately. The Primary Drive guide, however, has replaceable plastic blocks that will cut the price down considerably, not to mention those blocks are super durable. I've had mine on there for 30 hours of hard riding and it still looks great. This item is a must.

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  • Primary Drive XTS Front Sprocket

    Primary Drive XTS Front Sprocket

    Mitch in CO

    Front Sprocket

    Great Product, didnt wear fast like other sprockets!

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  • Primary Drive Front Sprocket

    Primary Drive Front Sprocket

    MATT in CA

    quality product

    bolted rite in

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  • Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    Matthew in OH

    Primary Drive Chain and Sprocket Kit

    This kit is awesome. Fit completely up to my bike with no issues. This was the first time that I have bought a chain and sprocket kit that I did not have to take links out of the chain. It comes ready for your ride. And the Steel sprockets are holding up well. The chain holds lube really well and rolls really nice. I have always ran other race chains and always took care of them but this chain seems to move freely and with ease. I race every weekend and ride trails and such during the week and I have only had to tighten my chain one time! Great product, great price and even better fit up.

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  • Primary Drive Steel Kit & 428 C Chain

    Primary Drive Steel Kit & 428 C Chain

    Colin in Alberta

    Sprockets good, chain bad

    Sprockets are holding up fine, but the chain is stretched to the limit and it hasn't made an entire season yet. If you're questioning how its been ridden, by a girl is the answer. It was a quick fix but I was hoping for a little more life from the chain.

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  • Primary Drive 520 RDO O-Ring Chain

    Primary Drive 520 RDO O-Ring Chain

    JAMES in NH

    false economy

    This was a cheap looking chain when I pulled it out of the box. Have never seen a chain with cut-outs in the side plates. It looked weak and sure enough it was. Every one of the inner plates cracked at the pin. This was on a DR350, not exactly a high HP chain abuser type of bike. Probably lucky in that respect because a more powerful bike might have broken the chain, which could have ended badly. Waste of money and potentially dangerous, I will never buy one of these chains again.

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