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  • Quad Boss XT Front Rack Bag

    Quad Boss XT Front Rack Bag

    DAN in CO

    great smaller pack

    Love this unit. carry enough stuff without being giant and ugly as hardsided luggage is. easy to remove and fairly waterproof

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  • Quad Boss 4-Seat Utility Vehicle Cover

    Quad Boss 4-Seat Utility Vehicle Cover

    Mathew in NC

    NOT water repellant

    I bought this cover to keep my RZR out of the elements. Works as advertised except for the rain protection. Every time a storm rolls through, the inside of my RZR is wet. My harnesses are slightly moldy and the smell is horrid. The fit is also a little baggy up top, not a real concern but noteworthy. If you do not have a roof, the rain will pool and seep through the material. I do own a roof and have tested with it on and off. The RZR still gets wet.

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  • Quad Boss XT Fender Bag

    Quad Boss XT Fender Bag



    it worked perfect its awesome

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  • Quad Boss Half Windshield

    Quad Boss Half Windshield

    ERIS in NC

    no more bugs

    awesome 1/2 windshield us .......... with Rocky Mountain ATV FAsttttttt shipping

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  • Quad Boss Traveler Trunk

    Quad Boss Traveler Trunk

    Rand in WY

    It works

    This came with an atv we just bought. While we love the extra rear light on top, the latches are horrible. I have to push the buttons several times to get them to work and sometimes I have to get a bit rough with them to get it to work. The box was put on by the dealer when the atv was purchased and now a year later the atv has 116 miles so it's not from overuse.I'll probably end up removing the latches and make a homemade setup to keep them shut. I would definately recommend the Kolphin rear lounger that is on my other atv over this trunk

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  • Quad Boss Crew Utility Vehicle Cover

    Quad Boss Crew Utility Vehicle Cover

    Timothy in MN

    Good fit.

    I have a new Polaris 570 Crew. This cover fits perfect for the machine being a midsize model. The elastic around the bottom on the ends does a great job of hugging the tires around the bottom side. The hooks sewn into the bottom aren't being used because of how snug it fits. We recently had some freezing rain and drizzle. I grabbed the side and shook it a couple of times and the ice just crumbled and came right off. Seems like a pretty tough material that won't rip easy. A little pricey, but seems like it will last a long time.

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