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  • Trail Tech X2 Dual-Sport Motorcycle Headlight

    Trail Tech X2 Dual-Sport Motorcycle Headlight

    Jeremy in OH

    Awesome Light

    I thought this light would be pretty dim but its Awesome, went out for 8 hours last night doing a lot of trail riding and hillclimbing and it held up great, it does dim when i am idling, but not a whole lot, the switch didnt work very good at first it would switch its self back to low beam a lot but then it worked fine after about 10 minutes thought that was a little weird, but i would definitely recommend this light it works great

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  • Trail Tech Vapor Triple Clamp Mount Protector

    Trail Tech Vapor Triple Clamp Mount Protector

    Ryan in WA

    Good Stuff

    Very happy with the Vapor, I have mine running straight off the battery and not hooked up to the bike. Only complaint I have is that at high RPM/vibration the unit will fail. Just hitting a button makes it reset so to speak and it will work again. This is only at 70mph or so on issues in the dirt what so ever.

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  • Trail Tech Kickstand

    Trail Tech Kickstand

    Elliot in UT

    Strong - Wrong bolts

    Only reason it gets an average review is that it came with the wrong bolts. They send you longer bolts to replace the existing ones on the frame but the bolts they sent were wrong. I had to go and find some bolts that would work. Aside from that the stand is very sturdy. I can stand on the pegs and kick on the bike as hard as I want without worrying the stand is going to give way.

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  • Trail Tech Complete Stator Kit

    Trail Tech Complete Stator Kit

    KYLE in PA

    I'm impressed.

    The side by side comparison with the factory part is what was really crazy. I don't wonder why my battery would always die. The factory stator just wasn't enough to keep up with the power the lighting would pull, much less be enough to keep the battery charged to turn the bike over.

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