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Latest Tusk Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tusk UTV +2-inch Hinged Windshield

    Tusk UTV +2-inch Hinged Windshield

    JOSH in UT

    Rhino Folding Windshield

    Great idea but not impressed with the fitment and it scratches easy. Instructions would have also been helpful especially since the video only shows instalation on a RZR.

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  • Tusk Pack-A-Plug

    Tusk Pack-A-Plug

    Chris in CO

    Packs a plug

    I have had it in my pack for a season and a half and it is still packing an extra plug for my cousin Justin Case.

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  • Tusk Fork Seals

    Tusk Fork Seals

    Dylan in LA

    Great Value

    High quality and a great value. I use these on all my bikes and never had a problem.

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  • Tusk UTV Cab Pack

    Tusk UTV Cab Pack

    Brian in Manitoba

    Great Pack

    The Tusk Cab Pack is awesome! It fits great between the seats and was easy to install, just a few minutes! The main pocket is spacious with inner pockets for small stuff! The front pocket is perfect for a cell phone or GPS! Buy it, you won't regret it!

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  • Tusk D-Flex Replacement Plastic Handguard Shields

    Tusk D-Flex Replacement Plastic Handguard Shields


    Great Affordable Replacement

    They are great for replacing or adding different color schemes to your Tusk hand guards. They fit perfectly because they are Tusk!

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  • Tusk D-Flex Spoilers

    Tusk D-Flex Spoilers


    Needed Addition

    These were great for adding additional protection from the elements. They extended my riding time in the colder times of the year by blocking more wind. They are removed in seconds for the summer months to get more airflow to your hands. A Must have item. They are also extremely durable!!

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