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Latest Yamalube Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Yamalube Tire Mount Lube

    Yamalube Tire Mount Lube

    ILYA in MA

    Works great!

    This was recommended to me by a friend, and I found it to be a big improvement over the good old soapy water. Much slicker, and remains slick for the duration of the tire change. Then gets tacky after a few hours. Occasionally, the nozzle gets clogged, so I wash it out with mineral spirits or replace.

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  • Yamalube Oil Change Kit "Cold Weather"

    Yamalube Oil Change Kit "Cold Weather"

    Dan in ID

    1 package

    Simple, 1 package to change the oil. I like how RM does machine specific deals. It makes it error proof.

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  • Yamalube LubezAll

    Yamalube LubezAll

    Dan in ID


    What moving, metal, mechanical part doesn't deserve this stuff?

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  • Yamalube 2-R

    Yamalube 2-R

    Dave in CO


    Only two-stroke premix I use in any brand bike I own.

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  • Yamalube Multi-Purpose Grease

    Yamalube Multi-Purpose Grease

    Nicholas in MI

    Great product

    I use this on all of my suspension joints and it always performs well.

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  • Yamalube Yamabond 4

    Yamalube Yamabond 4

    ANDREW in IL

    The right stuff.

    This is the proper sealant to use for center cases that do not use a gasket. I just used it on my yz125 build. I had to re-split the cases (for reasons unrelated to the sealang) and it had set up nicely without getting too hard. Was easy to remove and reapply. I'm happy.

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