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  • Slime Tire Pressure Gauge

    Slime Tire Pressure Gauge

    Jeff in OR

    Crap. cheap crap that doesn't work.

    Bought this to go in my pack. Doesn't read. Reads my front tire, but doesn't read my back. Looks like the center piece is flush with the part that contacts the top rim of the valve. If your valve stem is flush or below the rim it won't work. Crap. Buy something else. EDIT: My air pressure in the rear tire was low, about 4 lbs. If I increase the pressure in the tire the gauge will read sporadically. Two other gauges, one digital and one other cheap gauge I got from the auto parts store (0-20 psi) read this tire every time and both read it as 4 psi.

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  • Slime Tire Sealant

    Slime Tire Sealant

    Lucas in ID

    Worked for me!

    Sealed up the slow leak in my old trailer and older mower tire.

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  • Slime Dually RV Tire Pressure Gauge

    Slime Dually RV Tire Pressure Gauge

    JON in IL

    slime tire guage

    Guage is still holding up after a few years.

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  • Slime Replacement Tire Plugs

    Slime Replacement Tire Plugs

    Tom in Arizona

    Worked great

    Got a 2" rip in my RZR tire, figured I would try to plug it, five plugs and a couple of co2 bottles and I did not have to use my spare,rode it 7 miles back to my trailer, it worked great!

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  • Slime Deluxe Tire Plug Kit

    Slime Deluxe Tire Plug Kit

    John in NY


    good to have in case of emergencies

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  • Slime Valve Caps

    Slime Valve Caps

    DAVID in TX

    OK not great

    They are just a valve cover but broke a few on my crf 50 in just two rides you get what you pay for

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