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  • Slime Power Sport Smart Spair Kit with Compressor

    Slime Power Sport Smart Spair Kit with Compressor

    Alan in MS

    Well Made

    Very well made kit. Nice packaging. The air compressor is small and compact but powerful enough to fill the tires on my KLX250s. The only negative so far is the air guage that came with the kit. Throw it in the trash and go to the autoparts store and get a high quality guage to carry with you. Why put air in your tires if you don't have something that tells you how much air you put in.

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  • Slime Tire Tackle Kit

    Slime Tire Tackle Kit

    Michael in AZ

    ON SALE FOR 2.99$? SOLD!!!

    Great price and very smart to carry on you at all times riding. I frequently run flats due to the castus out here. Just wish it came with more plugs!

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  • Slime 56 Patches Box Kit

    Slime 56 Patches Box Kit

    Nick in TN

    quality stuff

    Cheap price the majority of patches r very basic but they work their r some higher quality patches included they work great

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  • Slime Standard Valve Caps

    Slime Standard Valve Caps

    Brian in KY

    They work

    They work....what more can you say about valve caps.

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  • Slime 1" Skabs

    Slime 1" Skabs

    Travis in Utah

    Worked for about 10 minutes...

    I borrowed these from a friend after discovering a nail in my tire. Removed the tube and applied the patch as directed. It lasted for about 10 minutes and my tire was flat again. Would not recommend these unless you are patching a bicycle tire.

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  • Slime Tire Sealant

    Slime Tire Sealant

    marco in CA


    good quality and price

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