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  • JD Jetting Jet Kit

    JD Jetting Jet Kit

    Trevor in UT

    JD Jet kit

    Like other reviews, this jet kit is top notch. I live in Utah at my elevation is ~4500 feet above sea level. This kit helped out great with jetting issues. However, as others have mentioned this kit is extremely overpriced. With that said, I would buy it again as it is the best option for quickly setting up your jets,

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  • JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner

    JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner

    RANDY in FL

    Easy to operate!

    I installed this one a 2014 Husky FC 450. It lets me richen or lean the fuel mixture anywhere in the rev range that I want. That allows me to move the power delivery where I want it. No maps and no computer needed. Changes take just seconds to do. If you don't like what you did just try another setting. It's really that simple!

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