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  • Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Front

    Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Front

    Ben in New South Wales

    Warp9 complete wheels

    I got the complete wheels for my yz125 and the difference was unbelievable I have had the wheels for two years and they are still going strong.

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  • Warp 9 Rim - Front

    Warp 9 Rim - Front

    Brendan in Western Australia

    Good value product

    I gave this rim a five star rating not because its necessarily the best rim, but because its quality is high and the price is low. I also bought a rear rim for the 500exc as both of mine were dinged up pretty bad, these rims are almost "seemlessly" joined, trued up well, look fantastic, have a durable finish (i went silver), and so far seem as tough if not tougher than the excel takasago rims the bike came with from factory. I would buy again for sure.

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  • Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Rear

    Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Rear

    Jeffrey in NY

    Now it's Not so Dangerous

    Bought both front and rear set for 2011 KX250F. Warp9 rear hub and rotor is not compatible with stock. Holes are spaced properly, but bolts are smaller. Nuts striped easily when trying to remove, so needed to use vice grips. I replaced the bolts with higher quality hardware and fabricated spacers to work with the OEM rotor. The sprocket is interchangeable, so that was good. Front rotor was fine, too. But, the front wheel hub is thinner than stock, so special spacers came with the kit. Unfortunately, the right spacer was 3mm too short. Not just annoying but potentially dangerous. The OEM cap for the right side won't work either. So . . . Annoying. They look good. We'll see how they hold up. Yes, I will check the spokes! OK, so here is the update. Despite the initial disappointments, we put these wheels on our 2011 KX250F after installing the proper spacer (which I am sure the company would have sent me if I had asked, which I didn't). I have the sprocket and rotors that came with the wheel, and I'll probably sell them on e-bay, but here is the bottom line: The rims came out of the box perfectly straight and round. I followed the instructions to the letter, even buying a torque wrench (from RMATVMC of course) and using it properly. My son hit the various tracks with lots of speed, and even hit a few trees in the woods. Those rims are still looking brand new, and they are perfectly straight and round. Comments around the track among buddies is that the hubs really make the bike stand out. I may upgrade to 5 stars later in the season, but for now I still remember the hassle of putting on my brand new stock rear rotor and having to fab spacers so it would fit, and, of course, the front spacer was wrong. So that takes a star off. Would I buy these again, knowing what I know? Yup. Most people aren't maintenance freaks in general, and that's OK. I am, but I have never paid so much attention to spoke tension as I do now. Reason being, I re-torqued those Warp 9 spokes with a spoke torque wrench (bought on RM) to spec as directed. Then again after the next ride. Then again, and again, and they were fine. Then I let a couple of practices go, and re-checked before a race on Friday. I had anywhere from zero to 4 turns on the spokes to get them tight again. They were loose enough so I could move them with my fingers. This is a recipe for disaster. I think if you are diligent about checking spokes, you won't have an issue, but this should not be as much of a concern as it has become. I buy a LOT of stuff from RM, and I hope someone takes note of this, because I don't usually have time to post product reviews, but this is a safety issue, and RM is better than this product, by far. Don't buy these. Really. Just being fair about the wheels and the process I went through may be familiar to those who have run them. If I had started in the place I am now, I would say they are worth the money. The rims have held up very well and the spokes are no longer an issue. The rest of the stuff is still as true as it was when I wrote it, but the spoke issue does go away after time and the rims can take a decent beating and still look good. The hubs still look great and, bottom line, the wheels have not failed. Just stay on top of those spokes while they are newer . . . don't assume, check!

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  • Warp 9 Rim - Rear

    Warp 9 Rim - Rear

    David in MN

    Not impressed

    Poor quality. There are way better options out there. Will not buy Warp9 products again

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  • Warp 9 Tower Nut/Valve Stem Kit

    Warp 9 Tower Nut/Valve Stem Kit

    Jeff in CT

    Does it job and looks good at the same time!!!

    Matches my orange hubs and functions as intended.

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  • Warp 9 Spoke Wrench

    Warp 9 Spoke Wrench

    TYLER in CA


    good size for ktm spokes that most other spoke wrenches don't fit

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