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  • Dyna Beads Motorcycle Starter Kit

    Dyna Beads Motorcycle Starter Kit

    Sky in FL

    So far so good.

    These appear to work. I did notice when installing them in a tire with an inner tube, it was better to use shots of compressed air to push the beads through the supplied clear installation hose. The air pushed the beads in, but more importantly it inflated the tube which made room for the beads. It was best to have the tire rotated so the valve stem was at 3 or 9 o-clock, so gravity would pull the beads to the bottom of the tube and they wouldn't shoot back out when the air was released. I think that checking air pressure could allow beads to jam the valve core, so I'm checking air pressure with the valve stem rotated to along the side or top.

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  • Dyna Beads Applicator w/Spout

    Dyna Beads Applicator w/Spout

    Sky in FL

    Good solution for getting beads into tire/tube.

    This is a simple solution to getting a thousand or so tiny beads into your tire or inner tube. Yes, you could make your own version but for the price why bother. I cable tied the tube to the nozzle so it wouldn't fall off and also use a small hose clamp on the value stem end when I install them. The suggestion to vibrate the beads into the tire works well also.

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  • Dyna Beads Refill Bag

    Dyna Beads Refill Bag

    John in BC

    Dyna beads

    These work great,a bit of a chore to get them in,but getting rid of ugly weights is awesome.

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