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  • 100% Accuri Goggle

    100% Accuri Goggle

    Kellie in FL

    Accuri goggles

    I really like the accuri goggles they fit great and they don't fog up

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  • 100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Replacement Lens

    100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Replacement Lens

    DANIEL in NJ

    Great goggles

    love these goggles, they do scratch easy, but this is expected seen as they are used for off-road riding.

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  • 100% Accuri Sand Goggle

    100% Accuri Sand Goggle

    Sam in CO

    The price is right, but the quality isn't

    I cannot, for the life of me, get these things to stop fogging up. After constantly battling the fog, I purchased some anti-fog spray. I have used it enough that I'm fairly certain the fumes coming off the lense have made my eyeballs anti-fog, but these things STILL fog up!

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  • 100% Strata Goggle

    100% Strata Goggle

    Juan Pablo in FL



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  • 100% Racecraft Goggle

    100% Racecraft Goggle

    James in MA

    Was hoping for something better

    As a die hard fan of Oakley goggles i bought these thinking that their reputation would make them a better goggle but i was wrong, I love the look of them, the fact that they come with tear offs, and even the fit was good but for some reason i ALWAYS get dirt inside the goggles. Sand, mud, dirt, dust, it doesn't matter. Ive tried cleaning them, changing the lenses, even tried a different helmet. Oh well, back to Oakley it is

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  • 100% Accuri Youth Goggle

    100% Accuri Youth Goggle

    Nathan in GA

    so far so good

    My kid loves them so far. seem to be holding up well.

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