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  • EVS Option Elbow Guards 2014

    EVS Option Elbow Guards 2014

    Lori in PA


    I bought thees elbow guards and the first thing I noticed was how tight they wore and gave pretty bad arm pump

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  • EVS Knee Brace Undersleeve

    EVS Knee Brace Undersleeve

    Bill in North Carolina

    Long lasting, don't even know they are on.

    I have had a pair for about 5-6 years and they are just now wearing out, and I ride and race a lot., always wearing these with my knee braces. No issues with them going down as I have always put my compressions shorts over the top of them, and my socks over the bottoms of them. Never noticed them making me any hotter on summer rides. I just noticed they are wearing thin in one area after all the rides and abuse of the years. Would buy again.

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  • EVS Option Knee/Shin Guards 2014

    EVS Option Knee/Shin Guards 2014

    Lori in PA

    good protection

    Great pads and can not go wrong with EVS

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  • EVS Revolution 4 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

    EVS Revolution 4 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

    B in Georgia

    Great under-protector

    Let's face it, chest protectors in motocross are for roost deflection and a little skin protection in a crash. They are not going to prevent broken bones,etc. With this in mind, this protector is front-only and is very light for the protection. It serves it's purpose very well when riding, especially when approaching other bike bore bikes on the track and getting pelted by roost. Once it is adjusted correctly, the protector is not noticeable while riding and is way cooler not having a back. Highly recommended.

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  • EVS Glider Knee Pads

    EVS Glider Knee Pads

    Mark in Utah

    Crash Worthy!

    I have had these EVS Knee pads for about a year and really never had a crash that involved to much of the knee. That was until last week. I went down pretty hard on a rocky trail on my right side. Boots, body armour, helmet were pretty scrapped up. My ankle felt a little tweaked but that was about it. When I got home and and took off my EVS Glilder Knee pads the right knee cap was totally cracked. I had felt nothing on my knees in this crash. I'm a believer in this product. They did what they suppose to do. I also like that you don't have to mess around with these and putting them in your boots. Size Large fits me perfect and I'm not a very big guy. Its too bad they don't make a few bigger sizes, because I'm sure they would sell them.

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  • EVS Vex Roost Deflector

    EVS Vex Roost Deflector

    jeromy in NE

    decent investment

    I rode my entire youth without a chest protector in the desert. I started riding again after 25 years passed & bought 2 of these for my son & I because I could afford them. I am pleased with the purchase & have only a couple minor negative comments. This is a bulky unit compared to others on the market. The shoulder shields are like super hero wings. This saved me a couple nasty punctures from branches no doubt but I will eventually upgrade to a more compact unit.

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