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  • EFX MotoMTC ATV Tire

    EFX MotoMTC ATV Tire

    John in OH

    Crazy Tread

    Ok first off the tread depth on these are insane. second, the ride is slightly rougher than stock tires but with this extreme tread depth its so worth it. These things sling mud everywhere. I was slow poking it through the mud trying to get stuck and these things just eat through anything i could throw at it(had tires half way covered in mud and still kept going at a very low speed).

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  • EFX MotoClaw Radial ATV Tire

    EFX MotoClaw Radial ATV Tire

    Torin in Colorado

    Survived Moab Well

    Bought the new EFX Motoclaws for rock crawling in Moab, Utah in my 2013 RZR. Got the 30 inch monsters. Had to cut away the front mud flaps; the 30s were rubbing. They still rub a bit on extreme compression on the body corner under the mud flaps, but no big deal. Did the Area BFE- some extreme crawling, Hell's Revenge & tub, made Tip Over Challenge-- 2 wheels off ground..., Fins and Things. Pushed the RZR and Motoclaws pretty hard. No broken axles. But definitely needed the full skids, trailing arm guards, A-arm guards.

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