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  • Nihilo Concepts Chain Adjuster Blocks

    Nihilo Concepts Chain Adjuster Blocks

    Jeff in CT

    Great looking and functional axle blocks.

    Fit and finish are really nice,installed easy with no issues.

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  • Nihilo Concepts Linkage Arm

    Nihilo Concepts Linkage Arm

    SCOTT in AZ

    Looks great, not sure about functionality

    This piece looks very quality and installed easily. I've used an aftermarket linkage arm for a kx450 from devol engineering that was adjustable and lowered the back of the bike down instantly. This piece is different, it looked to be about the exact same size as the stock piece and I didnt notice it lowering my bike (yes i measured, it came out the same). But the description says it allows you to ride with the back end lower, so maybe it doesnt lower the bike but you can now lower it yourself and keep the correct sag? I assume that is the case, so I am now messing around with that. I've ridden once at the track since and didnt notice much of a difference, but I need to play with it more.

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