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  • Double Take Mirror Kit

    Double Take Mirror Kit


    Best Off Road Mirror

    This mirror is great and I am on my second one. I have had multiple riding buddies purchase these after they have witnessed mine in action. You can actually see behind the bike, and it folds out of the way. Seems like a lot of money for a mirror, but after you use one you will never go back to a standard one.

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  • Double Take Replacement Mirror

    Double Take Replacement Mirror

    DEE in UT

    Best dual-sport mirror by far

    I have tried many of the folding dual-sport mirrors over the years. This is by far my favorite. The Ram Mount 1" rubber ball reduces mirror vibration and gives you unlimited range of adjustment. It also makes it very easy to fold the mirror out of the way while on the trail. You can buy different length Ram Mount arms to suit your needs. You do need to buy the arm and the 1" ball separately.

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