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  • Husqvarna Off Road Boots

    Husqvarna Off Road Boots

    LAUREN in OK

    Good boots but not for me

    Despite the fact that I returned them, I gave these boots 4 stars because they are actually very nice boots. Unfortunately, they just didn't fit me right. Sizing is similar to my Alpinestars Tech 10. I wore a 7 in those and the 7 in these boots fit me length wise. The upper part is very comfortable, although I didn't get to try them with my knee braces on. They have a neoprene flap inside that looks like it would do a decent job of keeping water out in the event that you may have to plant a foot in a creek or get splashed in a crossing. The other reviewer said that these are Forma Dominator Comps and I think he is close but they do not quite match the specs on the Comp. There is no inner bootie on this Husqvarna version and the buckles appear to be different. I didn't care for the buckles on this boot myself, but they did do the job of securing the boot. My biggest problem came from the ankle down. I have slender feet and am narrow in the toe area. For me, there was way too much up and down movement (heel to toe I could move up and down within the boot) and the toe box area was way too big. The boot has a lot of plastic, which is probably good from a durability standpoint, but it's not going to break in much. So, I guess I would honestly say that these would be a really good boot for the price if you have a wide and tall foot or are willing to wear thick or double socks. If that describes you, then you will be getting a nice set of boots at an awesome price from Rocky Mountain. And, a collectors item to "boot."

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