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  • P3 Carbon Head Pipe Heat Shield

    P3 Carbon Head Pipe Heat Shield

    jeromy in NE

    excellent utility & fair value

    OK, wear long sleeves & gloves installing this. . . Now you're problem free. Excellent weight value, Excellent performance, excellent aesthetics. This probably saved a significant fire on it's second day of service when I found myself trying to collect my wits after a light crash & noticed the header pipe smoking up a leaf pile that the bike was tipped over into. They charred & smoked but that's it. No doubt they'd have went up in flames pretty quick & damaged my new bike without a heat shield in place

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  • P3 Carbon Skid Plate

    P3 Carbon Skid Plate

    Brad in Oregon

    Lots of modification needed.

    Just an ok product. Looks cool. I ordered it for my 2014 KX450f. The product was supposed to be 'available' for my bike but the mounting holes that were pre-drilled were off by at-least .5 inches. I had to modify all 4 of the mounting holes with a Dremel. Also... A bit of a bummer... no Drain plug hole. So if you go with this product you're gonna need to remove the whole skid plate every time you need to change the oil. I would expect for the cost of this item that it would have more attention to detail. Would not purchase again given the price. I would go with aluminum. This product is not lighter than aluminum. I did a compare at my buddy's shop. Time will tell if its stronger and if i keep it on given it has to be removed every time i change the oil, which is basically after every ride/race. Pass on this.

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