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  • Gaerne SG-10 Boots

    Gaerne SG-10 Boots

    Edward in ID

    Fantastic product, and the just right fit.

    I was in the hunt for a new dirt bike boot last year and tried on everything. I tried on the full line of Fox boots only their top end boot (Instinct) was ok but the cost was quite a bit more than I wanted to spend. I tried on all of the Alpinestar line and hated the clamp system, I used to love Alpinestar but they're gotten cheapo in my opinion. I tried on the Sidi Crossfire TA and Crossfire 2 that everyone raves about. I found those boots to bee way to have way too much plastic, but a nice clamping system. Finally I tried on the Gaerne SG10 and SG12. The SG10 was perfect, great price and a top of the line boot. The clamping system is just right, although I wished the strap length adjustment system was a little better. The quality is outstanding with these boots. I've spent 1 year in them and love them. The padding around the ankle feels very nice, like no other boot, you feel supported and planted in the boots but not over-encumbered so you cannot shift your bike. They are nice out of the box with the ankle pivot, but get even better with time. This was a product well worth the cost.

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  • Gaerne Replacement Toe Cap Kit For All Boot Styles

    Gaerne Replacement Toe Cap Kit For All Boot Styles

    Manuel in FL

    Great Product

    I love Gaerne just for this little detail, great repair kit for your boots... They aslo work on other boots if you work on it a little

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  • Gaerne SG-10/SG-12 Boot React Replacement Straps - Long

    Gaerne SG-10/SG-12 Boot React Replacement Straps - Long

    Manuel in FL

    Great Product

    I love gaerne for this little details... Nice to have a replacement kit around if you do hard enduro.

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  • Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    Zach in AZ

    One Word, Amazing!

    The second you slip these bad boys on, you'll know what everyone here is talking about. Feel amazing right off the bat, almost no break in. Ridiculously comfortable, yet secure and safe feeling. Would buy again in a heart beat.

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  • Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot

    Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot

    Wes in ID

    Qualiy Boot!!

    This boot, out of the box is the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. It has probably the best sole for slick surfaces. It seriously fit and was easy to walk in right out of the box. It is true to the size I wear. When I took a chance on this boot I needed a something between a Motocross boot & everyday work boot. I believe this boot is in Gaerne's trials riding class of boot. I ride hard trails, but needed a boot I could walk in when I'm helping buddies with their bikes on rides. It offers enough protection for harder trail rides. It is not recommended for any Motocross. There is just not enough ankle support for that. The quality is second to none. I watched a review online that said you could re-sole them. All I can say is give this boot a try. It's not the norm, but performs great!! I"m getting back on to further my review after 300 miles of riding. My view has not change one bit. This is the most fantastic, most comfortable trail riding boot I have worn ever!!!! Now I can see why it's been around so long. Considering that most people trail ride I'm shocked I don't see them more often out on the trail. Well, it's been about 1200 miles later on these boots. They look a little worn, but I re-oil them often and they look great. I've added the gaerne metal toe guards on each boot to keep the sole and leather together. On all of my nasty, knarly, singletrack riding I have only had a hand full of times I thought I need more protection. All in all still one of the better purchases I have ever made for dirt biking. Well, just another update. Just got back from another trip from Moab, Utah. Over 100 miles of riding rocky, unforgiving terrain. Boots still perform how I expect. Never felt once that my feet were under protected for trail riding. Reconditioned the leather when I got home & they look good as new.

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  • Gaerne SG-10/SG-12 Boot Replacement Buckle Lever Kit

    Gaerne SG-10/SG-12 Boot Replacement Buckle Lever Kit

    Randy in CA

    No backplate for buckle

    Extra screws provided. But no threaded back plate for buckle. I expected a replacement back plate if screws provided

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