Galfer’s roots lie in the same product it is still known for today: brake pads. Began in 1946 as a brake pad supplier in Spain, Galfer has grown into an international powerhouse for quality powersport braking parts and accessories. Their primary product line includes:

Brake pads, Brake rotors,Brake lines and cables

While all brake pads are still manufactured in Barcelona, Galfer has had a presence in the United States for over 20 years – all thanks to one of the founder’s sons, Giorgio Milesi, who immigrated to California in 1992. This has led to an expansive boost to quality brake parts available in the Americas and other parts of the world. Now, major operations take place right in the USA, including certain strategic decisions and production of many Galfer rotors.

Walk through the paddock of any current street, off-road or supercross event, and you’ll find Galfer being used by most of the top racers. Because of Galfer’s consistent and demanding high quality, they are truly the racer’s choice in brake pads, rotors and lines. Racers keep pushing their R&D - and that results in more end-user benefits as well.

The ability to brake effectively isn’t merely a convenience – it’s a necessity. That’s why every Galfer product is designed with both precision and performance in mind. Whether it’s a set of carbon brake pads for your ATV or a laser-cut brake rotor for your street motorcycle, Galfer has a product for you. Your brakes will feel grippy, and you will feel in control of your riding experience.

Choose the best category in the list provided here, and you’ll be able to see exactly what Galfer can offer you and your ride.

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  • Galfer Front Steel Braided Brake Line

    Galfer Front Steel Braided Brake Line

    Keith in OR

    Front Brake Hoses

    These hoses where rock solid and mad the Bike stop on a dime. I would highly recommend these lines to anyone on a Vstrom or any other bike with rubber hoses. Please Rocky Mountain ATV is the best place to order form. Fast easy shipping and right every time.

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  • Galfer SKW Oversize Rotor Kit

    Galfer SKW Oversize Rotor Kit

    Chris in FL

    Much Better Stopping

    I paired this with a stainless steel line and all of sudden the bike STOPS! I stoppied it the first time out by accident. I'm using the Neutron pads that are on clearance right now. Once you get all of the air out of the line and break in the pads you will be amazed at the feel and stopping power of this rotor.

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  • Galfer Rear Steel Braided Brake Line

    Galfer Rear Steel Braided Brake Line

    Nicholas in MI

    The Best!

    If you want the best brake lines, then there's no need to look any farther. Galfer produces some of the best braking products.

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  • Galfer Oversized Floating Wave Brake Rotor Kit, Front

    Galfer Oversized Floating Wave Brake Rotor Kit, Front

    Christopher in MI

    Bad Directions

    This is my first oversize rotor. Priced higher than some, but my boy said it was good quality. Directions for mounting the adapter were for the wrong bike, and i was unable to locate the directions for my bike at their website, but it wasn't hard to figure out if you have a basic understating of the braking system. Came with brake pads, but i was surprised how quickly they wore out. I put stock pads back on so we"ll see how these last. Stopping power is greatly improved.

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  • Galfer Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Galfer Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Jim in California


    Saw all of the track guys using the Galfer sintered pads and tried a set out- they work way better than my last pads and a 100 x better than the stock ones. Highly recomended!

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  • Galfer Wave Brake Rotor, Front

    Galfer Wave Brake Rotor, Front

    Brian in OK

    This full floater replaced the solid mount OEM

    almost bought the tusk option because it is so much cheaper but have always loved galfer products so I thought I would stick with them. So glad I did as this rotor became a significant upgrade to the solid OEM rotor. RMATV needs to find a new picture to indicate that these are full floaters and therefore an upgrade for some bikes warranting the significant cost increase over the tusk option. Excellent braking power combined with galfer carbon pads. Would highly recommend if you are replacing either rotor on an RM 125. Only front is full floater. Rear is solid mount and therefore less expensive but equal quality and performance.

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