Kolpin ATV Accessories: Frame-Chassis

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  • Kolpin Fuel/Water Pack Universal Bracket

    Kolpin Fuel/Water Pack Universal Bracket

    TROY in UT

    6 of them mounted up (JR size is best)

    The quick on and Quick off is way cool However, mounting to your ATV and be a Trick! We did mount them to the RZR and ATV's We have two mounted in the Enclosed Trailer also. We have 1 water JR and 1 Fuel "JR" mounted do not buy the big Koplin Fuel buy the JR We have them in our Trailer and on our ATV's We like the JR size it is easy to handle The big Gas tanks Suck to pour out of! However the extra weight on the front keeps the ATV down. We have both the GAS and Water Kolpin Packs I have two (2)mounted on the trailer one for water and one for gas we did the same thing for the kids RZR and for our Polairs 800 There is a different brand out there now non Koplin brand that looks cooler

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  • Kolpin Fuel/Water Pack Bracket

    Kolpin Fuel/Water Pack Bracket

    David in CA

    You'll have to fix their mount

    Not only are the plastic lower bracket parts fragile, if they loosen up at all, the nuts will spin off. I think the idea was to have some give in the brackets, but in ATV use they don't last long. Mine are still holding on, but I had to put locknuts on them to keep from losing the nuts. Metal brackets, and nylock nuts would have made this worthwhile.

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