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  • KTM Tire Gauge

    KTM Tire Gauge

    Johney in MT

    very nice and precise

    I was at a local shop and the tech was using his gauge similar to this model. It was very cool how he could let the air out as he worked rather than poke at the valve stem. This is a very slick tool! much easier to get you PSI just right!! Bummed I waited this long to get one!

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  • KTM Power Valve Adjustment Tool

    KTM Power Valve Adjustment Tool

    Jeffrey in FL

    best 10 bucks you can spend

    small enough to fit in you pocket.. solid and machined nicely

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  • KTM Combination Fork Tool

    KTM Combination Fork Tool

    derek in CA

    Seriously a must have tool for KTM Forks

    This tool is worth its weight in gold if you own a newer KTM with closed cartridge forks.. If you are even slightly mechanically savy you can easily change out fork springs and adjust fork levels yourself and save hundreds of $ compared to a shop.. Seriously as an avid rider with no formal training I could change out your fork springs and fluid in 30 min from start to finish and this tool is a must to do that. Watch some of the videos from Slavens Racing about suspension setup and stuff. Seriously if you can change your own bike oil you can do this and this tool is required.. Spend $40 and save yourself hundreds... its really not as intimidating as it seems.

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  • KTM Shock Spring Preload Adjuster

    KTM Shock Spring Preload Adjuster

    scott in NJ


    perfect fit like all ktm stuff

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  • KTM Spark Plug Holder

    KTM Spark Plug Holder

    JOEY in MT

    Where would you mount it!

    i ordered this thinking it would fit somewhere under the seat yeah i guess there is room for it but how do you mount it? and it's really bulky to carry a whopping one plug I have seen better two plug carriers that are not as big!

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  • KTM Valve Stem Caps

    KTM Valve Stem Caps

    Mark in TX


    It adds some bling...not much on additional functionality that I can tell...but who doesn't like some bling.

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