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  • KTM Factory Fuel Pump Connection

    KTM Factory Fuel Pump Connection

    jeromy in NE

    Why is this not OEM?

    I really needed this for the thick nasties that I rid in. It's a fair value for what you get. I upgraded to fuel injection rated clamps before I installed mine instead of using the standard worm drive clamps that were included. Installation was super easy. New low profile is fantastic.

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  • KTM Fuel Tank

    KTM Fuel Tank


    Great fit

    Tank fits well and looks great too! Some people complain about the small gap that happens between the rear of the tank and the side panels for the airbox but it isn't that large a gap, less than 1/2". Swapping the fuel pump is straight forward and all the parts that are needed come with the tank. You can NOT use the add-on "KTM Factory Fuel Pump Connection" with this tank as the mounting area is molded a bit differently, but this isn't a problem. The directions make a comment about trimming some plastic which made me wonder but it is just a corner of the under seat tray area and doesn't affect anything if trimmed. It is super evident once you put the tank on for a dry fit test.

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  • KTM Chain Guide

    KTM Chain Guide

    Dennis in VA

    Very Beefy Guide

    Mounted up perfect and looks like it will handle many hours of hard use.

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  • KTM Case Guard

    KTM Case Guard

    Abbigayle in WA

    Great purchase and Looks Great!!

    Purchased this for my Husbands KTM and it was easy to install, the orange fits perfectly with his Orange sprocket chain and plastics and is a great purchase

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  • KTM Trailer Hitch Cover

    KTM Trailer Hitch Cover

    Tom in CT

    It's plastic...

    ...and feels a bit fragile for a hitch cover but so far so good...

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  • KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap Vent

    KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap Vent


    buy it

    Looks awesome! Doesnt leak, even when i went swimming in the pond with my bike. Makes taking the cap of all that much easier.

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