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  • KTM Die-Cut Decal

    KTM Die-Cut Decal

    Christopher E in NJ

    Great decal

    Attaches great. Although, don't make the same stupid mistake that I did. You're supposed to peel the back part off first, and then apply the sticker using the front peel, placing the sticker, rubbing out any bubbles, and then peeling off the front.

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  • KTM Aluminum Sports Water Bottle

    KTM Aluminum Sports Water Bottle

    jon in AZ

    Nice water bottle

    My son loves it. Good quality, no leaks.

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  • KTM Belt Bag Comp

    KTM Belt Bag Comp

    JOEL in ID

    Great Bag

    This bag is a great size for me. It holds my water bottle and other personal items for offroad riding with a bit of room to spare. Construction is top quality, and the quick access pockets are very convenient.

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  • KTM Kids Racetrack Chair

    KTM Kids Racetrack Chair

    justin in CA


    Not much to say other than my 2 year old sits in it all the time. He can put his cup in it, and hang out with the big boys. It is priceless!!!

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  • KTM Dog Bowl

    KTM Dog Bowl

    Mike in MS

    Very Cool

    Heavy duty. There's two stickers put on the outside of these bowls that take about 20 minutes to remove, even with goo gone. They should have put them on the bottom instead of the side. Other than that, they are very cool and durable.

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  • KTM Coffee Mug

    KTM Coffee Mug

    Blake in VA

    great for the office

    I use this cup every day and haven't had any problems. looks cool too.

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