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  • KTM SXS Factory Pipe

    KTM SXS Factory Pipe

    marty in TN

    Awesome! Cant go wrong here!

    Absolutely love this pipe! Several of my friends have this on their bikes too and love it too! You cant go wrong here! Plus dealing wiht rocky mountain is great to go along with it!

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  • KTM SXS Factory Silencer with Spark Arrestor

    KTM SXS Factory Silencer with Spark Arrestor

    Austin in TX

    Good product

    Wasn't able to tell a diff in power as you would with most spark arresters. Generally you loose power do to the restricted air flow. So in my opinion it's a great buy. Even gave it a nice throaty sounds over the stock muffler. Good for all the guys who ride in the woods or race enduros that are "spark arrestor" required!

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