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  • KTM SXS Factory Pipe

    KTM SXS Factory Pipe

    keith in CO

    Smashed first race

    I race offroad... this pipe took a relatively soft hit and completely smashed the bottom near the neck... this also pushed the neck in and creased the neck. Still works but found that I had almost no power on the top but still had pretty decent bottom. The OEM worked great with rocks and hits... so I must assume some material strength differences... That being said... Before smashed pipe happened... this pipe was nasty on the track... great killer low end. With lots of over rev power... I wish it was same shape with 18 ga steel.

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  • KTM SXS Factory Silencer with Spark Arrestor

    KTM SXS Factory Silencer with Spark Arrestor

    Austin in TX

    Good product

    Wasn't able to tell a diff in power as you would with most spark arresters. Generally you loose power do to the restricted air flow. So in my opinion it's a great buy. Even gave it a nice throaty sounds over the stock muffler. Good for all the guys who ride in the woods or race enduros that are "spark arrestor" required!

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