Maier ATV Accessories: Handlebar-Control

Maier ATV Accessories: Handlebar-Control

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  • Maier ATV Handguards

    Maier ATV Handguards

    Joel in MN

    Look great on my King Quad 750

    Really good custom product. Easy install. Use some Loctite to keep the hardware from coming loose and they will last a long time. Don't seem that durable when you hold them in hand, but they do take a beating. Great wind protection as well.

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  • Maier XC Pro Handguards

    Maier XC Pro Handguards

    LEVI in ID


    Literally on for less than an hour! DIRT BIKE'S don't always stay upright- it's a fact!!!! the very first time the bike tipped and hit the gravel- the Maier Hand guards broke- the brittle plastic couldn't hold up to 1 minor impact- the Manufacture doesn't stand behind its product (because "they broke on impact with the ground") and I'm out the money!!!! Thanks Maier!

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