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  • Maxima Chain Wax

    Maxima Chain Wax

    Chris in GA

    Do it right and its the best!

    First of all its Maxima so that alone means its good. The trick to Chain Wax is the application process. I clean my chain every time I wash the bike. I clean the chain first, let it dry and sit it in the sun to get nice and hot. Saturate all sides and each link with Chain Way and let it dry in the garage in a cool spot. Once the wax congeals, wipe the excess lightly with a shop rag and re-install for the next ride. Keeps the bike, rear shock, rear wheel and my boots looking good. Its also very good for oiling the hinges on the race trailer ramp door and the ball hitch...DON'T USE IT FOR CABLE LUBE!!!

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  • Maxima Clean Up Chain Cleaner

    Maxima Clean Up Chain Cleaner

    AARON in AL

    Chain cleaner that cuts the GRIT! Excellent on ATV

    I bought this chain cleaner thinking it couldn't clean any better than what I normally use, WOW was I wrong. I used this in conjuction with a grudge brush (rocky sells this) and it was the best thing since sliced bread!!!!

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  • Maxima Chain Guard

    Maxima Chain Guard

    Nick in TN

    Maxima makes quality products

    you need to clean and relube ur chain after every good ride especialy in mud. with that being said this stuff lasts and even after the muddy rides ther is a little moistness in the o/x-ring area when the rest turns to dry dirt. i like the way it goes on also seems to foam up and penetrate into o/x-rings and all tight areas.

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  • Maxima Chain Wax Care Kit

    Maxima Chain Wax Care Kit


    love maxima chain wax

    this stuff works great. love this product been using it for years!

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  • Maxima Chain Guard Care Kit

    Maxima Chain Guard Care Kit

    Nathan in UT

    Works really well

    This stuff keeps may chain looking and feeling new.

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