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  • Motion Pro RimShield II

    Motion Pro RimShield II

    Daniel in NY

    NIce to have

    A little tricky at first but saved my rim from unnecessary scratches changing a tube.

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  • Motion Pro Tire Iron

    Motion Pro Tire Iron

    SETH in WI

    simple and effective!

    Just the tool for affordably installing your own tires! Technique over force!

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  • Motion Pro Spoon-Type Tire Iron

    Motion Pro Spoon-Type Tire Iron

    James in WV

    great tire iron

    I bought one of these a few years ago along with a 16" and still have it to this day, used it many times to change tires on my bike. I've even used it to change stiff thick dot knobby's and car/truck tires. Has never bent or broke on me, like it so much i bought another one recently, they're the perfect size to give you decent leverage but still fit in most packs. It helps a ton to have at least 3 maybe one being longer

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  • Motion Pro Axis Truing Stand

    Motion Pro Axis Truing Stand

    Brandon in NC

    Works well

    My only complaint is that the locking nut that holds the rim on is hard to clamp. I had to tighten the bolt pretty darn hard to get it to stay. Other than that its compact and did the job.

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  • Motion Pro Rim Protectors

    Motion Pro Rim Protectors

    christopher in OR

    Great Wheel Protectors

    These wheel protectors make changing a tire so much easier. I had previously used tire irons wrapped in thick tape or strips of plastic to guard the wheels. These are a great upgrade. They snap in place and stay snug while I am spooning on the tire and appear that they will hold up for many tire changes (1 so far with no visible wear).

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  • Motion Pro Steel Wheel Weights

    Motion Pro Steel Wheel Weights

    KELL in OR

    Good product at a good price

    Amazing what a difference these make for dual sport use. They are just thin enough to sit on the flat of the rim (530 EXC) and come in black to match the rim color too. For the low cost you get plenty to do both rims.

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