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  • MSR Brake Lever

    MSR Brake Lever

    Lori in PA

    Great Quality

    Fits great and will buy again no complaints

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  • MSR Grip Lever Set

    MSR Grip Lever Set



    These do the job and fit good. MSR quality.

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  • MSR Clutch Lever

    MSR Clutch Lever

    Travis in CA

    Good not great

    I would say they arent as sturdy as Tusk but theyre close. Or the falls on the MSR's were a little harder? Good not great, others can be cheaper too

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  • MSR Pro-Raptor Clutch Lever Assembly, Standard

    MSR Pro-Raptor Clutch Lever Assembly, Standard

    stan in Colorado

    made riding fun 2003 XR80

    The XR80 is notorious for having a very hard clutch pull and my son would always complain about it and this would result in shorter rides and less seat time for me. After reading lots of reviews on Thumper Talk I purchased the Raptor Clutch lever over two years ago and it has been fantastic. The adjustable lever is awesome, it really works and I have had no problems with it. If you have a hard clutch pull I highly recommend it. As for people stating that the lever breaks when you wreck, all levers can break when you wreck unless you get the reverse folding levers. I have this on an XR80 which has seen many wrecks and it has held up just fine over the past two years.

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  • MSR AOF Clutch Perch & Lever

    MSR AOF Clutch Perch & Lever

    Chad in KY


    Looks good and good pull

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  • MSR Rear Shark Fin Disc Guard

    MSR Rear Shark Fin Disc Guard

    AARON in WA

    Perfect fit

    The bike I put it on was missing the stock plastic one so I orded this one to replace it with. It bolted right up and really looks nice. Looks like it would hold its own when it comes to protecting the rear rotor as well.

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