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  • MSR T-Handle Tool Set

    MSR T-Handle Tool Set

    Jordan in MT

    great value

    love these t handles carry them in the truck for every ride!

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  • MSR Fork Support

    MSR Fork Support

    Matt in CA

    Fork support

    Nice thought but look for adjustinle height one . I need two people to instal this into wheel well forks have to be pulled up in order to get it in...

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  • MSR Heavy Duty Exhaust Spring Tool

    MSR Heavy Duty Exhaust Spring Tool

    Brian in OK

    Never thought i needed one of these...

    Until I used a friends. I would always just use a screwdriver or scribe or pick of some kind and fight with getting exhaust springs on and off. Not the biggest deal in the world but the first time I tried this little baby I said, "yup, I'm getting one of these". Great little tool that make removing and installing springs so easy it's funny the first time you use it. Can also be used on footpeg springs and rear brake pedal return springs.

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  • MSR Collapsible Sag Scale

    MSR Collapsible Sag Scale

    Brian in OK

    excellent qulaity and easy to use

    this is way better than using a tape measure or string or whatever other method people use. It has a nice little tapered bushing that fits snug into the axle. Adjust to zero at full droop then jump on the bike and take the measurement. Easy as pie. this tool make setting your suspension sag a 1 person job. Love it MSR! Great product!

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  • MSR Tire Changing Stand

    MSR Tire Changing Stand

    derek in CA

    Outstanding, adjustable, Helpful

    Why oh why did I wait this many years to buy one of these stands? This thing makes changing tires soooooo much easier.

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  • MSR Pro Tows

    MSR Pro Tows

    Joel in CT


    Small package and big strength. You can carry these anywhere. And Rocky Mountain ATV was fantastic as usual!

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