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  • MSR Keychain 2014

    MSR Keychain 2014

    CASEY in UT

    key chain

    works like it is supposed to and is holding up fine

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  • MSR Navigator Gear Bag 2013

    MSR Navigator Gear Bag 2013

    Mark in TX

    Ok...but not as big as expected

    I found it tough to get all my adult sized gear in this bag. I ended up giving it to my 7 year old son for his MX gear. It fits his stuff perfectly.

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  • MSR Moto Soxx 2015

    MSR Moto Soxx 2015

    David in MN

    Comfy but....

    If you workout and have a thigh that is thicker then ooo I'd say 20in the sock gets pretty tight around the thigh.... tho mine stretched out after a bit.

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  • MSR Lanyard 2014

    MSR Lanyard 2014

    Ronald in UT

    Does what it should... holds your stuff.

    Extra feature that most lanyards don't have is the clip to release your keys without having to take the lanyard off your neck. I actually use this lanyard to hold may badges at work... ;-)

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  • MSR Comp Socks

    MSR Comp Socks

    Levi in Colorado

    Tear easy

    After the 3rd ride these socks were torn where the two materials meet. Quality is lacking for this product.

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  • MSR Voyage Gear Bag 2013

    MSR Voyage Gear Bag 2013

    Jake in ID

    Not too bad.

    You can't load this bag up with all your gear, if you do, you will rip all the straps off. That has been my experience with this bag. Other than that, the zippers and overall function of the bag is fine.

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