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  • MSR Impact Skins 2014

    MSR Impact Skins 2014

    Bryan in AB

    Great, love them.

    These save my bum big time. Small is tight, maybe ill go for the medium next time. I love the bum padding

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  • MSR Moto Soxx 2014

    MSR Moto Soxx 2014

    David in MN

    Comfy but....

    If you workout and have a thigh that is thicker then ooo I'd say 20in the sock gets pretty tight around the thigh.... tho mine stretched out after a bit.

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  • MSR Attak Jak

    MSR Attak Jak

    Tom in Washington

    MSR Attak Jak

    Just finished a 3000 mile adventure ride thru all types of weather. The materials and weather tight zippers are excellent. Cuffs are big, could seal a little tighter. Good weather proof vented shell, in colder weather, another layer would be advised. I'd give it a 4 1/2 star rating.

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  • MSR Goggle Case

    MSR Goggle Case


    good for the price

    It does what it says, protects goggles. the nice thing is you can move the dividers anywhere in the case you want to so it accommodates roll offs as well as classics. My only complaint is no pocket to store spare lenses.

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  • MSR Metal Mulisha Roost Deflector

    MSR Metal Mulisha Roost Deflector

    chris in MN

    Works Geat

    for a guy thats 6'2" and a bigger guy, this works WAY better and fits better. the others XL roost deflectors i have bought seem like they are for a kid.

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  • MSR Wick Dry Socks

    MSR Wick Dry Socks

    Bill in Idaho


    Best socks i have ever owned. thick,comfortable,and very warm.

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