Oakley Motocross Gear: Protective Gear

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  • Oakley Mayhem Goggle

    Oakley Mayhem Goggle

    Dillon in CA

    Look good, feel good, race good.

    As you can expect with anything Oakley they look the best and you get the best quality. Have never fogged up on me no matter how much I sweat. Replacing the lens the first time is a bit of a struggle but it's easy once you get the hang of it.

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  • Oakley Crowbar Sand Goggle

    Oakley Crowbar Sand Goggle

    DANIEL in NJ

    Great googles

    Love the fit of these goggles. I own 12 different pairs and this happens to be one of my favorite. keeps the sand and dust out. very important.

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  • Oakley Airbrake Goggle

    Oakley Airbrake Goggle

    Josh in MT

    Fogged up like crazy.

    The field of vision is great. Love the fit. These goggles, however, fog up easier than any goggle I've ever used. I would not buy this goggle again because of it. Maybe I got a bad set, not sure, but it's really unbelievable.

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  • Oakley Proven MX Goggle

    Oakley Proven MX Goggle

    Caleb in KY

    Great goggles

    Great goggles proven oakley quality

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  • Oakley Crowbar Goggle

    Oakley Crowbar Goggle

    Nathan in GA

    ok goggles

    i normally use Dragons, somehow everytime i use the oakleys i get dirt in them. Other than that they are nice looking.

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  • Oakley O Frame Goggle

    Oakley O Frame Goggle

    leigh in NV

    All I wear

    I only wear the O frame goggle. They're affordable, fit great, and last a long time. I've had friends who buy the more expensive ones like the crowbar and some others say that after trying these they will stick with them.

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