Acerbis Dual Sport Parts: Drive

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  • Acerbis Chain Guide Block

    Acerbis Chain Guide Block

    Colton in NV

    great product.

    great product it is a must buy

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  • Acerbis Chain Slider

    Acerbis Chain Slider

    Parker in SC

    Better than oem.

    If you have never replaced your chain slider and you've had your bike for a while, check it or you might have a hole in your swing arm. That chain spins fast.

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  • Acerbis Chain Guide

    Acerbis Chain Guide

    Laura in CT


    Definitely recommend

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  • Acerbis Chain Guide and Slider Kit

    Acerbis Chain Guide and Slider Kit

    Brian in GA

    Hard, Noisy, and Wears Quickly

    This was a complete waste of my money, and I don't think that I have ever been more disappointed in an m/c product. Both the slider and the chain guide are made from very hard material. Maybe the idea was to use a material that would wear longer, but the result was just the opposite. I have approximately 2 hrs of MX riding on this slider and chain guide and they both have significant wear. Also, they are so loud that I kept thinking something was wrong with my bike only to realize it was just the inferior parts that I had just wasted my money on. Lastly, the only positive part was that my chain is getting close to the end of its life so I wasn't too upset about the fact that the hard guide actually wore some material off of the rivets on my chain and rounded them over.

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