PC Racing ATV Accessories: Filters

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  • PC Racing Pro-Seal

    PC Racing Pro-Seal

    David in CA

    fight smarter, not harder

    the best invention ever...why would you ever use grease again, unless you ride sand dunes, but for normal use, this thing is great.have them on all my bikes. just be sure the surface is clean before you mount it

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  • PC Racing Filter Skins

    PC Racing Filter Skins

    andy in CA

    Must Have

    I only put one filter skin at a time but when I pulled them off, the UNI was still bright red. I shouldve just layered them up to make life easier and pulled them off one at a time.

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  • PC Racing Quick Release Filter Skins

    PC Racing Quick Release Filter Skins

    joe in North Carolina

    Really neat!

    Really cool. Great for racing in dusty conditions. A little hard to get on.

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  • PC Racing Flo Air Filter

    PC Racing Flo Air Filter

    Chad in AZ

    Good design

    Warning....I bought this for my 2012 GasGas 300 because it was labeled for it, but when it arrived it is the old style filter for 97' thru 06'. In 07' GasGas changed the filter cage and this dos not fit correctly. It can be made to work in a pinch, but if you are like me and value putting the correct fitting parts on your $9000 bike don't use it. I have contacted PC Racing, but it looks as if they don't care to much about correct parts for your bike. I sent pics to PC Racing with the old and new style filter cages and they sent back an email saying it fits and one of his employees uses it. Beware it is NOT the correct fit. A plus, I have a 97' GasGas and it fits and works great. I like the filter skin you can pull off and keep going.

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