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  • Primary Drive Rear Chain Guide

    Primary Drive Rear Chain Guide

    Kyle in TX

    OK for now but will be replacing.

    I bought this to replace worn out OE chain guide. PROS: Looks totally cool. And thats about it. CONS: Comes un-assembled with no instructions. Must re-use your old mounting bolt bushings from old guide. They don't tell you that. Rub blocks are only for top and bottom of chain. None for the sides of chain. A loose chain will hit the aluminum side pieces. Upper and lower rub blocks made out of hard plastic and makes chain very noisy. Only one ride since the install and lower block already showing wear lines in it from chain. Very disappointed but you get what you pay for. Would not buy again. They do offer replacement rub blocks but they are the same hard material that it comes with. I would have bought OE from the beginning but they did not stock it at the time I purchased. It was a ships in 6-9 days.

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  • Primary Drive Chain Roller

    Primary Drive Chain Roller

    Kyle in TX

    Cheap but does not last

    I bought these based solely on the cheap price. I should have spent a little more and went with another brand. They seem to be made of hard plastic and not rubber like OE. They are very noisy when the chain rolls on them. I replaced both the upper and lower on my bike. Both were smaller than the OE ones but they only offered them in one size. I've ridden and washed they bike one time since installing and now both are very stiff and don't roll on their own. You actually have to grab them and turn them with your hand. I can not honestly recommend them as I would not buy again.

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  • Primary Drive Rear Chain Guide Replacement Rub Block

    Primary Drive Rear Chain Guide Replacement Rub Block

    Travis in CA

    Wear kinda fast

    These are great for replacing the rub blocks, but they wear pretty quick if you ride consistantly. Few long track days and they were worn to the bolts holding them together. Order a could replacemnt sets just to have on hand...

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