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  • Pro Armor Frame Armor

    Pro Armor Frame Armor

    James in PA

    Fits Well, Looks Great

    This skid fits very well on my Raptor 700r and is a great upgrade from the stock plastic unit. I mounted the plate and went for a ride and the plate vibrated very bad and caused a horrible noise. I purchased some sticky backed weather stripping from Lowes and added it to the unit where it came in contact with the underside of the ATV and I haven't had an issue since. The cutouts also make cleaning easier as the mud and dirt can fall through the bottom of the plate. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to upgrade their stock skid guard.

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  • Pro Armor Swing Arm Armor

    Pro Armor Swing Arm Armor

    Dustin in LA


    I have the whole frame covered from front to back and this is by far a great product buy it, you won't regret it.

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  • Pro Armor Grab Bar

    Pro Armor Grab Bar

    Brian in OH

    Pro Armour Grab bar

    This grab bar is wonderful.. The thicker make up of the grab bar is nice and very durable. Definitely recommend this grab bar to anyone looking for a new one or a replacement.

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  • Pro Armor Fat Peg Revolution Nerf Bars

    Pro Armor Fat Peg Revolution Nerf Bars

    Scott in Utah

    Poor Craftsmanship.

    Major fitment problems with heel guards. Heel guards are not cut precise, and are a pain. Would have sent these back if it weren't for Rocky Mountain's exceptional service. Almost had to make new holes in heel guards to line up with brackets. Product looks good, but have a lot to work to do, as far as fitment issues are concerned. Also after two hours of messing with heel guards, I mounted them on the ATV, the nut hit the heel guard. This made it tough to mount to the foot peg mount. Pried heel guard with pry bar to get the nylon nut on. These are a pain. Would recommend another brand. If you think you can mount these without a scratch, think again. Make sure you have a good punch, as well as pry bars of assorted sizes.

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  • Pro Armor Dominator Front Bumper

    Pro Armor Dominator Front Bumper

    chris in MN


    i like pro armor but it was dissapointing to have the welds break about 6 hours on my quad. the main welds seemed to hold up, but the welds that hold the plate in the center of the bumper broke within about 6 hours of riding.

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  • Pro Armor Racing Front Bumper

    Pro Armor Racing Front Bumper

    chris in UT

    Pro Armor Racing Front Bumper

    looks amazing!!!! very light weight and yet strong. Perfect for someone with big hands, feels like you have something to grab onto.

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