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  • Pro Armor 5-Point 2" Safety Harness With Sewn In Pads

    Pro Armor 5-Point 2" Safety Harness With Sewn In Pads

    JP in Texas

    This should be your first mod!

    I only had my RZR out once before I knew that the factory seat belts were not going to cut it. I did my research and bought 2 of these harnesses. It does take a while to get them installed, but any harness is going to take time to install. It was not hard, just took a few hours. It is a night and day difference when riding. They are so much more comfortable than the factory belts, and I really felt like I was secure. Highly recommended!!

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  • Pro Armor Frame Armor

    Pro Armor Frame Armor

    James in PA

    Fits Well, Looks Great

    This skid fits very well on my Raptor 700r and is a great upgrade from the stock plastic unit. I mounted the plate and went for a ride and the plate vibrated very bad and caused a horrible noise. I purchased some sticky backed weather stripping from Lowes and added it to the unit where it came in contact with the underside of the ATV and I haven't had an issue since. The cutouts also make cleaning easier as the mud and dirt can fall through the bottom of the plate. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to upgrade their stock skid guard.

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  • Pro Armor Suicide Doors

    Pro Armor Suicide Doors

    stephen in OK

    Waste of money unless there is a warranty I don't

    The doors look cool but bent very easy on minor tips and rock riding. The latches are junk and that is being nice. I'm on my second set in a year. I need a whole passenger frame after a tip over on a powdered sand hill. I feel like I paid a lot of money for a product that I get no guarantee.

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  • Pro Armor Front Suicide Door Slam Latch

    Pro Armor Front Suicide Door Slam Latch

    Michael in NV

    Great Latches

    I bought just the latches and used them on my own fabricated RZR doors. They worked great, are easy to work with and adjust. The next set of doors I build for a UTV or Rockcrawler will get these latches. They're small, tough and very easy to work with. I added some shrink tubing to the striker stud for some anti-rattle and swapped out the no grade hardware for some Grade 8 bolts.

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  • Pro Armor Suicide Doors With Cut-Outs

    Pro Armor Suicide Doors With Cut-Outs

    Tom in Virginia

    Must Have

    Put these doors on today . Great fit and looks awesome. Stock doors came open while riding and didn.t make it. Pricey but worth it. Ready for Hatfield McCoy trails. Easy install.

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  • Pro Armor Fabric Roof

    Pro Armor Fabric Roof

    JEFF in CA

    Nice roof

    The fit is excellent. I just wish the fabric was a little thicker. I had a Polaris brand roof on my other toy that seemed a little better constructed.

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