Ricochet Dirt Bike Parts: Body

Ricochet Dirt Bike Parts: Body

Ricochet Dirt Bike Parts: Guards-Skid Plates

Ricochet Dirt Bike Parts: Kickstands

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  • Ricochet Offroad Skid Plate

    Ricochet Offroad Skid Plate

    terry in CA

    wrong size bolts

    The skid plate it self is fine but for almost 100 bucks you think they could provide you with the rt lenght bolts now I have to drive 35 miles to buy the rt size bolts WTF???

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  • Ricochet Kickstand

    Ricochet Kickstand

    Michael in CA

    kick stand

    It looks like " a after market type Kick stand! I sure wish some one out there built a kick stand that looked liked it came from yamaha! trail tech builds one for my yz 125 also Ricohet kickstand needs to have a little more lean / slant on the kickstand! the bike stands to verdical!!! Thanks for having and building one for my wifes bike!

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