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  • Scott Helmet Bag 2012

    Scott Helmet Bag 2012

    Randy in TX

    Pluses & Minuses

    Not a lot of padding and it takes a bit more effort than a more conventional helmet bag to get your lid into it. On the other hand the mesh panel allows for some air circulation whereas most conventional bag do not. It'll certainly protect your helmet from scratches but I wouldn't want to subject it to the drop test. I use it for my Fox "loaner" helmet and for that and the price it works fine. For my Shoei I use a Klim bag.

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  • Scott Qualifier Hip Belt Bag

    Scott Qualifier Hip Belt Bag

    Daniel in AZ

    Too bulky

    This bag is almost good, but its uncomfortable to wear because of the design.

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  • Scott Individual Goggle Bags - 5 Pack

    Scott Individual Goggle Bags - 5 Pack

    dave in CA

    so cheap in price

    cost is nothing compared to scratched lense replacement. super handy for that spare set of goggles you drag around as backup.

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