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Scott Motorcycle Riding Gear: Womens Touring Gear

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  • Scott No Fog Spray Cleaner

    Scott No Fog Spray Cleaner

    andrew in ID


    I take this with me on my rides, make sure you use a nice micro fiber cloth so you don't scratch your lens. It cleans and helps keep the fog down.

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  • Scott Tech Sweathead Beanie

    Scott Tech Sweathead Beanie

    anthony in NV

    my first rating

    So I ordered this wrap as I am bald and thought it would be nice to have something between my head and helmet liner. I wore this on a 4 hour ride and it worked pretty darn good. However towards the end of the day my head started hurting, and I think it was the wrap. So maybe a little small for my melon, but I like the material and will try it out again on the next ride, maybe it streched some.

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  • Scott Highside Gloves

    Scott Highside Gloves

    Corey in MI

    Snowmobile gloves??? I Don't Think So!

    I was looking for some cold weather gloves for riding MX as well as snowmobiling. I was looking for something less bulky that I could feel the grips with easily. Now, I wasn't expecting them to be worn in less than 10 Degree weather, but since Scott claims they are apart of there Snowmobiling line...I figured they would be good at 32-20 degrees. I was wrong. I got them in the mail and wanted to try them out. All I did was take my dog for a walk, but I didn't even make it around the block and my hands were frozen! It was about 28 degrees. I don't know how many people snowmobile in 32 Degree Plus weather (when snow is melting) but these wouldn't be good until about 45 Degrees. Looking for something else now.

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