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  • Skat~Trak Hauler ATV Tire

    Skat~Trak Hauler ATV Tire


    Best sand tire I ever used

    These things hook up fast and provide excellent traction for hill climbs. Did not rob the engine power. Still provide good side hill and turning without over powering the front end. You want to go fast in the sand, get these.

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  • Skat~Trak Extreme Grip ATV Tire

    Skat~Trak Extreme Grip ATV Tire


    Tough, reliable tire.

    I purchased these tires for my 2003 Raptor and rode them at Silver Lake Sand Dunes for 8-10 weekends putting roughly 200 hours on them. Including an incident when I put a huge dent in my Douglas .190 rim by hitting a rogue tree stump pinned in 4th gear. To my surprise it caused no damage to the tire. I sold my 2003 Raptor and had these tires sitting in a hot attic for the past 10 years and just pulled them down to put them on my 07 Raptor for another long weekend at Silver Lake and they performed flawlessly. Just the same as the day I bought them. For a long lasting, durable, dependable paddle tire - I'd go with the Extremes.

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  • Skat~Trak Ripper ATV Tire

    Skat~Trak Ripper ATV Tire

    david in CA

    use an 8 inch wheel

    using an 8 inch wheel with these will work the best.

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  • Skat~Trak Mohawk ATV Tire

    Skat~Trak Mohawk ATV Tire

    Nick in MI

    Mohawk FTW

    These Mohawks work great, with the right amount of air pressure you can float about the sand, but still be able to turn on a dime.

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  • Skat~Trak Edge ATV Tire

    Skat~Trak Edge ATV Tire

    Mansour in FL

    Best Sand Tires there's for Quads

    I used these on my lightly modded LTR450 (not in the list), they are very light and grips very good with light sliding, what i did that i trimmed them a bit so it slides / drifts and corners even better in light pure sand dune now Be warned though that these CANNOT go on any hard gravel, they are sensitive to other surfaces, when i installed them i went for a gravel in a short period and some blades were cut but not much.

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